Titan Porcelain CrownTooth2.800.000 VND122 USD
Zirconia Cercon Porcelain CrownTooth6.000.000 VND260 USD
All Porcelain Crown IPS E.MaxTooth7.500.000 VND326 USD
Zirconia Dmax Porcelain CrownTooth4.000.000 VND174 USD
All Porcelain Crown (Cercon HT) Tooth8.000.000 VND314,28 USD
Lava Esthetic (3M- America) Porcelain CrownTooth12.000.000 VND511 USD
IPS E.Max Porcelain VeneerTooth7.500.000 VND327 USD
Lisi (GC - Japan) Porcelain VeneerTooth10.000.000 VND426 USD
Inlay/onlay compositeTooth3.000.000 VND131 USD
Inlay/Onlay EmaxTooth7.500.000 VND327 USD
Inlay/Onlay LisiTooth10.000.000 VND426 USD
Treatment of gingivitisTooth2.000.000 VND87 USD
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(The exchange rate can vary depending on market)