Pericoronitis tretamentTooth2.000.000 VND87 USD
Create flaps, treat sinus infectionsTooth2.500.000 VND109 USD
Torus treatmentTooth600.000 VND26 USD
Root apex resectionTooth2.500.000 VND108 USD
Cyst curettage surgeryTooth5,000,000 VND217 USD
Crooked tooth removalTooth1.500.000 VND65 USD
Impacted supernumerary teeth removalTooth2.000.000 VND87 USD
Impacted tooth, supernumerary tooth removalTooth5.000.000 VND217 USD
Extremely complicated impacted tooth removalTooth5.000.000 VND217 USD
Lower jaw complicated impacted wísdom tooth removalTooth3.500.000 VND152 USD
Lower jaw impacted wísdom tooth removalTooth2.500.000 VND108 USD
Lower jaw angular wísdom tooth removalTooth200.000 VND87 USD
Lower jaw loose wisdom tooth removalTooth900.000 VND39 USD
Upper jaw impacted wisdom tooth removalTooth2.000.000 VND87 USD
Upper jaw wisdom tooth removalTooth1.000.000 VND43 USD
Complicated impacted tooth removalTooth3.000.000 VND130 USD
Posterior permanent tooth removalTooth900.000 VND39 USD
Anterior permanent tooth removalTooth500.000 VND22 USD
Complicated impacted pre-molar removalTooth2.500.000 VND108 USD
Impacted pre-molar removalTooth2.000.000 VND87 USD
Severe crooked pre-molar removalTooth1.500.000 VND65 USD
Crooked pre-molar removalTooth1.000.000 VND43 USD
Baby tooth extraction: Numbness injectionTooth300.000 VND13 USD
Baby tooth extraction: AnestheticTooth200.000 VND87 USD
Incision in children's gums for teethingTooth300.000 VND13 USD
Bone tumor surgery5.000.000 VND217 USD
Supernumerary teeth removal - Soft - Teeth have emergedTooth500.000 VND22 USD
Supernumerary teeth removal - Class 2Tooth1.000.000 VND43 USD
Tooth extraction + Treatment of infectionRăng1,000,000 VND43 USD
Mucous cyst surgeryTooth2,000,000 VND87 USD
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