All On 6 Dental ImplantsJawContactContact
Implant Tekka Kontact (France)Screw13.000.000 VND565 USD
Implant from Korea Screw7.500.000 VND326 USD
Implant Nobel Biocare Active (USA)Screw22.000.000 VND957 USD
Implant Nobel TiUltra (USA)Screw31.500.000 VND1370 USD
All On 4 Dental ImplantsJawContactContact
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IPS E.Max Porcelain VeneerTooth7.500.000 VND327 USD
All Porcelain Crown IPS E.MaxTooth7.500.000 VND326 USD
Zirconia Cercon Porcelain CrownTooth6.000.000 VND260 USD
Titan Porcelain CrownTooth2.800.000 VND122 USD
Inlay/onlay compositeTooth3.000.000 VND131 USD
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Retainer Braces2 Jaws3.000.000 VND130 USD
Invisalign - Class 1Treatment110.000.000 VND4769 USD
Metal braces - Class 1Treatment40.000.000 VND1734 USD
Ceramic braces - Class 1Treatment55.000.000 VND2385 USD
Self-ligating braces - Class 1Treatment45.000.000 VND1951 USD
Self-ligating porcelain bracesTreatment60.000.000 VND2601 USD
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Preparation steps before orthodonticsTreatment43 USD43 USD
Stage 1: Expander applianceTreatment10.000.000 VND434 USD
Lingual braces - 1 JawTreatment30.000.000 VND1301 USD
Self-ligating braces - Class 1Treatment40.000.000 VND1734 USD
Ceramic braces - Class 1Treatment50.000.000 VND2168 USD
Metal braces - Class 1Treatment35.000.000 VND1517 USD
Invisalign - Class 1Treatment105.000.000 VND4552 USD
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Removable space gaining dentureTooth800.000 VND35 USD
Complete remove denture crownTooth900.000 VND39 USD
Complete remove denture in USA (From 3 units)Tooth700.000 VND30 USD
Complete remove denture in USA (From 1 to 2 units)Tooth800.000 VND35 USD
Composite teethTooth800.000 VND35 USD
Complete remove denture in VietnamTooth300.000 VND13 USD
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Smile DesignTreatment1.000.000 VND43 USD
Corridor surgeryTreatment20.000.000 VND867 USD
Labial frenectomyTreatment2.000.000 VND87 USD
Lingual frenectomyTreatment2.000.000 VND87 USD
Botox injectionTreatment5.000.000 VND217 USD
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Re-root canal - Front toothTooth2.000.000 VND87 USD
Root canal tooth 1 -> 5Tooth1.500.000 VND65 USD
Root canal for baby tooth - Back toothTooth750.000 VND33 USD
Root canal for baby tooth - Front toothTooth550.000 VND24 USD
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Zirconia Dmax Porcelain CrownTooth4.000,000 VND174 USD
Lava Esthetic (3M- America) Porcelain CrownTooth12,000,000 VND522 USD
Titan porcelain crownTooth2,800,000 VND122 USD
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Deep clean1 Jaw1.500.000 VND65 USD
Deep clean for two jaw2 Jaws3.000.000 VND130 USD
Periodontal treatment (Flap surgery)Jaw5.500.000 VND238 USD
Removing tartar & polishing – Class 22 Jaws400.000 VND17 USD
Removing tartar & polishing – Class 12 Jaws300.000 VND13 USD
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Composite filling Class IVTooth600.000 VND26 USD
Composite filling Class I and VTooth400.000 VND17 USD
Preventive sealant fillingTooth400.000 VND17 USD
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Impacted tooth, supernumerary tooth removalTooth5.000.000 VND217 USD
Baby tooth extraction: AnestheticTooth200.000 VND87 USD
Crooked tooth removalTooth1.500.000 VND65 USD
Complicated impacted pre-molar removalTooth2.500.000 VND108 USD
Impacted pre-molar removalTooth2.000.000 VND87 USD
Severe crooked pre-molar removalTooth1.500.000 VND65 USD
Crooked pre-molar removalTooth1.000.000 VND43 USD
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Gum contouring + jaw bone adjustmentTooth2.000.000 VND87 USD
Surgical Correction of a Biologic Width Violation (Above 4 teeth)Tooth1.800.000 VND78 USD
Surgical Correction of a Biologic Width Violation (From 1 to 3 teeth)Tooth2.500.000 VND109 USD
Gingival graftTooth2.500.000 VND109 USD
Gum contouring from 4 unitsTooth1.800.000 VND78 USD
Gum contouring From 1 unit to 3 unitsTooth2.500.000 VND109 USD
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Whitening tray + sensitive gelTreatment2.000.000 VND87 USD
Whitening gel1 Tube250.000 VND11 USD
Whitening tray - 1 Jaw1 Jaw400.000 VND17 USD
Whitening at home (1 whitening tray + 4 tube gel + 1 tube sensitive gel)1 Jaw1.000.000 VND43 USD
Whitening at homeTreatment2,000,000 VND87 USD
Whitening for tetracycline-infected teeth (1 whitening tray + 1 tube gel + 1 tube sensitive gel)Treatment4.000.000 VND173 USD
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TMJ adjustment by digital solution CT scan (CT scan + TMJ night guard + TMJ adjustment) Treatment10.000.000 VND434 USD
Hard night guard2 Jaws3.500.000 VND152 USD
Soft night guard2 Jaws1.500.000 VND65 USD
TMJ adjustment200.000 VND9 USD
TMJ night guard2 Jaws5.000.000 VND217 USD
Night guard + sensitive gel2 Jaws2.000.000 VND87 USD
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CT Scan Cone Beam 3D2 Jaws300.000 VND13 USD
Frontal Cephalometric X-rayFilm100.000 VND4 USD
Lateral Cephalometric X-rayFilm100.000 VND4 USD
Panorama X-rayFilm100.000 VND4 USD
Periapical radiographMiễn phíFree
Examination and consultationMiễn phíFree
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Patch function when take it another placesJaw500.000 VND22 USD
Re-fit crown on Implant when take it another places700.000 VND30 USD
Re-fit crown when take it another places 200.000 VND9 USD
Dental DiamondTreatment700.000 VND30 USD
Customer’s diamondTreatment500.000 VND22 USD
Teeth RecontouringTooth200.000 VND9 USD
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