Types of Implant: Nobel Active, Straumann Active, Nobel, Tekka, Kontact, Dentist, Neo BiocareTooth19.000.000 VND - 34.000.000 VND824 USD - 1474 USD
All-on-4 Dental ImplantsJawContactContact
Bone graftTooth5.000.000 VND217 USD
Implant removalTooth2.000.000 VND87 USD
Stem cellTooth5.000.000 VND217 USD
Gum opening (for another place implant placement)Tooth2.000.000 VND87 USD
Surgical guideTray2.000.000 VND87 USD
General tests before surgeryTime700.000 VND30 USD
Temporary composite teeth on ImplantTooth1.500.000 VND65 USD
Temporary crow teeth on ImplantJaw2.000.000 VND87 USD
Temporary denture on All-on-4 ImplantsJaw5.000.000 VND217 USD
Permanent denture on Implant – Titanium crow (12 teeth)Jaw40.000.000 VND1734 USD
Permanent denture on Implant – Zirconia crow (12 teeth)Jaw70.000.000 VND3035 USD
Zirconia crow on Implant - extraTooth2.500.000 VND108 USD
Titanium crow on ImplantTooth3.500.000 VND152 USD
Cercon crow on ImplantTooth6.000.000 VND260 USD
Titanium abutmentTooth5.000.000 VND - 8.500.000 VND217 USD - 369 USD
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